#   Report Name   Description 
1. Roll of Honour World War I A list of the family heroes who are known to have given their lives in the First World War. 
2. Roll of Honour World War II A list of the family heroes who are known to have given their lives in the Second World War. 
3. People born on this day Lists all people born on this day, but does not include living relatives unless logged in 
4. People who married on this day Lists all people married on this day, but does not include living relatives unless logged in 
5. People who died on this day Lists all people who died on this day 
6. Isle of Wight People Report lists all people in the database that have one or more events that took place on the Isle of Wight (Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death or Burial). Living people are exluded. 
7. Canadian connections People with connections to Canada 
8. Australian connections People with connections in Australia 
9. African connections  
10. USA Connections  
11. Show families with most children  
12. Indian Connections People with connections to India 
13. Most popular day for birth  
14. Most popular day for Christening  
15. Most popular day for marriage Displays the order of frequency for dates of marriage from most popular to least popular. 
16. Edwardians All people who were born during the reign of Edward VII (22 January 1901 to 6 May 1910). 
17. Most common day for death  
18. Most common date for burial  
19. Places that have been geocoded ranked by number of events All places that have been geocoded are listed ranked in descending order of number of events, place includes Notes field where relevant 
20. Age at Marriage  
21. Buried at Buckland Newton  
22. Marriages this month  
23. Detail places that are not geocoded  
24. Given Names by rank  
25. Missing Birth place  
26. Total persons with surname, Total Male and Females, earliest and latest birth As above 
27. Twins A report of all twins in the database 
28. Approx Marriage between 1500 and 2013 Persons who have a marriage date that starts with Bef. and is between 1500-2013 
29. Cemetery Counts Counts for each cemetery 
30. Number of people originating from third level birthplace Provides graphical display of frequency of birth places. In most cases this is the Country of origin, but where only 2 levels are known will be the County 
31. Wootton Glanville baptisms  
32. Buckland Newton baptisms  
33. People born more than 9 months after death of father This gives a report of people born more than 9 months after the father's death 
34. Age Report  
35. Number of people originating from second level birthplace Second level will most often be the County of origin, but if only the County and Country are known the Country will be the 2nd level 
36. Unknown Gender Finds all entries where gender is marked as unknown